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Six people, soon to become five by attrition, sit around a board table. “There’s so few of us to do the work” one of the members sighs.

The obvious answer? Recruit a couple more people who are inspired by the organization’s work with autistic children and would be honored to be among those responsible for the agency’s well-being.

Yet the board hesitates.

We have to clarify our committee structure...

Our financials look too dicey…

We need to get through a tricky personnel matter…

The people we most need won’t want to join this club.

The rationalizations for inaction go on and on. 

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Posted on in Fundraising

Good things come in threes – a saying, a superstition, a rule of thumb.

Referring to the idea that experiences come in clusters – clumped together like buses on First Avenue.

So, too, organizational development efforts often bear fruit not evenly throughout the year, but episodically and sporadically – at first exhibiting no improvement…then a sparse, solo marker of progress…followed by a seemingly sudden flowering of activity.

A drought, a sprinkling, then a deluge.

And nowhere is this more true than in board development and recruitment.

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