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What’s the one most powerful indicator of an agency’s ability to make lasting change in its development returns?

I have a surprising answer to that.

You’d think it was the board, or a wealthy founder, or a super-rich patron who takes the agency under his/her wing – but I don’t think those are the factors that lead to real, sustained, institutional fundraising change.

It’s the support and attention of the executive director.

Why do I say that?

Because board members are volunteers.

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Posted on in Fundraising

Calendars, calendars, calendars.

Relentless in their precision, their determinism, their directives. Be here now. Be there then.

Comforting and straight-jacketing alike, they’re every working person’s structure for getting through the day, week, job.

But the same axiom of performance-based management – “that which is measured, gets done” – rings true for schedule-ruled professions.

That which is calendared gets done.

And this is never more true, in nonprofit management, than in fundraising. 


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