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The charge from the executive director to the board members was daunting, although the intent was to be inspiring: Raise $80,000 from new donors.

Yet instead of rising to the challenge, board members are cowering in their seats.

The scene is reminiscent of a high school classroom where the students aren’t prepared – people sink lower and lower in their chairs, hoping not to be called upon.

How can we turn this around?

How can we transform a board goal into a guiding light, not a looming threat?

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The over-promising board member.


So much to give…so able to ask…so bursting with knowledge and rarified expertise…and so willing.

Yet not so able, after all.

It’s the great frustration. Sometimes the adage “you ask a busy person, they get the job done” is true.

And sometimes it’s “you ask a busy person and they don’t want to say no but they’re too busy to get it done.”

(And sometimes, quite frankly, they’re not too busy, but they still don’t get it done.)

Yet their intentions are good.


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