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So beloved yet so reviled…

So expensive yet so rewarding…

So much focus on quid pro quo asking (who will buy a table?) – yet so great an opportunity to make your case…

How can we get the most out of the extraordinary energy required to put on a gala? 

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The event business is indeed a business, and like all businesses must be built, managed, and aimed purposefully towards growth.

But what’s the business strategy for event growth?

An article in the Wealth Matters column of last Saturday’s NY Times captured the transformative potential of one of the key elements of successful fundraising events: a strong (and highly active) event chair.

Approached with personal commitment, networking prowess and business acumen, the chair position can prove to be even more active than board membership.

You need to be a team leader,” noted one experienced event chair in the Times article. “You’re an ambassador for your cause,” explained another.

An event chair who’s fully inhabiting this role can truly lift an event to the next level. 


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The Ice Bucket Challenge sweeping the nation is undeniably achieving three things: raising funds, awareness, and community spirit.

Some may argue about the random nature of the public’s attention to this cause, or whether the ALS Association can hold on to any of those new $100 donors – but there’s no question the Challenge is effectively raising donations and bolstering people’s sense of participation in the public good.

Flip back a couple of decades to a 1980’s phenomenon – Hands Across America.

In many ways, the Ice Bucket Challenge is the modern-day version of that juggernaut.

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