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We spend a lot of time in fundraising polishing the stone – getting better and better at what we already know how to do. Writing a more compelling appeal letter, sharpening our case statement for foundation proposals, running a bar party for our junior board.

But sometimes you need to take a step outside – explore a new sector, or subsector, that’s never given you funding before.

To approach the holy grail of a “diversified funding base,” we have to go beyond our comfort zone. 

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Posted on in Fundraising

Another nonprofit down – and for such a predictable fatal flaw.

Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet relied on a single patron – Nancy Laurie, a Walmart heiress – who pulled back this month. As in, closing the company.

Diversification, diversification, diversification – so easy to prescribe, but so often a psychological minefield.

Yet how often do nonprofits keel over, when the end comes, because they haven’t done the work of moving beyond the founding patron? And very quickly at that, because if they aren’t on the way to a diversified funding base by then they don’t have the time to get there?

Looking ahead to when things will go wrong is so hard to do when things are going right. 


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