Tumultuous Times

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Nonprofits are a community’s collective response. To issues of unfairness, expressions of cultural pride, a means through which we care for one another.

They’re how we join together to right a wrong, to create a force for change that is greater than any of us can muster up individually.

Nonprofits are, in a word, leaders in their communities.

So when an earth-shattering occurrence takes place that promises to upend our future, as occurred with last week’s election, it doesn’t take long for nonprofits to move out in front, rising above daily programming to serve as a flash point for their community’s voice. 

Yet nonprofits are also, like many workplaces, families.

Staff see each other every day, slogging through difficult, monotonous, exciting, tedious, meaningful, day-in-and-day-out assignments.

Understaffed and underpaid, we certainly don’t do it for the money. We do it for love – of mission, of purpose, of making a difference. We put our souls as well as our bodies in to our work.

And when a game-changing event occurs like the 2016 election, we process as a family. We’re a team, that listens to and supports each other. And that helps each other make sense of the cataclysmic changes occurring in our world.

Many nonprofits are processing on both levels these days – the political and the personal.

How will the world be different and how will we respond?

How are we as a team – and as individuals – coping with the election results, and the transformed political landscape?

And how are we supporting each other – with care – as we rise to the occasion?

These are tumultuous times – both politically and personally, for many of us in the sector.

Let us hold each other in love as we react and rise to the challenges ahead.

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