The Power of Rest

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Vision. The word of the hour, the month, the year, for those who lead nonprofits.

As in, see what’s not there and create it. See what’s wrong and fix it. Move mountains, carve a new path, leave the world a little (or a lot) different than we found it.

As fundraisers, especially, we’re always setting the bar just a little bit higher. Even when we reach a goal, we raise the finish line (“We’ve made $60,000 – let’s go for $75,000!”).

For those of us in nonprofits, our work is not a job, it’s a calling.

Yet sometimes we need to put it down.

It’s a well-known fact in physical training regimes that muscles need time to rest. That exertion needs to be followed by relaxation, or exhaustion will set in. (Which is when injuries occur.)

A similar principle applies in academic pursuits – there’s only so many hours that one can read, study, write in a row before it all starts to swim together.

b2ap3_thumbnail_resting.jpgAnd the same is true for our Sisyphean task of creating lasting social change – and even more so for the charge of raising the money needed to propel our nonprofits forward.

We take home this charge. We dream of new strategies, connections, pathways…and wake up in the middle of the night remembering the details that make the difference. There’s always more to do than time to do it, so we never really put it down.

It’s time to give those muscles a rest.

Sleep, cook, take a long walk, read fiction. Turn away, so that we can turn back with renewed vigor.

Have a wonderful Holiday…and see you again in January!

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