Taking the Donor Point of View

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It’s not about us.

Driven home to me the other day when I was coaching a board member on “how to talk to a potential donor.”

It’s not about the organization.

It’s about what that person standing in front of you, cares about.

What about taking the tack – instead of communicating YOUR impact – of communicating THEIR impact? 

What they can help fund.  What they can make happen.  What THEIR legacy is. 

We all want to leave a footprint.

But the donor conversation isn’t about our mark – it’s about the change in the world the donor leaves behind.

This is a profound 180-degree turn, that we need to recalibrate in all our printed materials, e-newsletters, and cocktail-party chit-chat.

Not what do I do?

Rather –

What do you care about?
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