Reaffirming the Case

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Nonprofit work is never done. We know that job descriptions read 120% if not 150% – and board members are volunteers with plenty of other pressing concerns on their plates.

Given the never-ending onslaught of tasks, initiatives, responses, emails…why should we spend time repeating an activity that was checked complete a few years back?

The answer lies in that very onslaught. It’s easy to lose sight of why we’re all here – why our cause matters so very much, given the daily cascading of issues in the news.

For those of us whose issues are tangentially connected to the headlines in today’s news – and for those caught right in the heart of the storm – it pays to reaffirm the case for our organizations and our cause.

We assume.

We assume that board members, administrative staff, volunteers, remember the burning urgency of why our organizations exist.

But without immediate contact with clients and constituents – and even with that reminder – it can be easy to forget the reason our work matters so much. We plug along, looking at financial statements, fundraising plans, donor profiles…and in the back of our minds we know our organizations do good work. Sure. Of course.

But to be truly inspired, we need to bring that case to the forefront – to ground all our actions in the passionate context of WHY.

In the same way that donors need to hear our case often and insistently – through stories, statistics, statements and slogans – our internal stakeholders need to hear it too.

Don’t assume that it’s front of mind, for donors, volunteers, friends, or even staff. Everyone gets caught in the demands of the day to day.

So pull out that case statement – and refresh it. Spend a board meeting relating the case to the activities currently in the news. Include a section in your next communications piece that highlights your case and its relevance. Feature it more prominently on your website.

Own it – and broadcast it.

It’s why your organization exists – and it matters, now as ever.

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