If At First

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You send it out.


Here it is, does it work for you?


Attached is the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting, should we send it out today?


If I don’t hear from you by the end of tomorrow, I’ll send it along.


What’s wrong with this picture – and how long will it take to fix?

Peer to peer. Accountability. Engagement.

How many times in governance practice are those phrases wafted about?


But it’s in the everyday practice of the little things – like who sends out the agenda for a committee meeting – that the grooves get laid down.

Sometimes those grooves are a bit rusty. Board members who are used to having their assistants take care of details, forget to switch gears (or don’t understand that having the executive director send out an agenda isn’t the same as having your assistant confirm the meeting time – one is clerical, the other directs the action).

So we have to be patient, and recognize the “interim milestones.” Like sending an email.

And celebrate those milestones, to underscore the direction the whole ship is moving in.

Next up: Who creates the agenda.

But one step at a time.

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