GivingTuesday: Time for a Thank-A-Thon?

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Looking at #GivingTuesday in light of November’s national holiday, maybe it’s time to turn the tables.

Maybe an aspect of #GivingTuesday, along with all the appeals to rally donors and fans and friends, ought to be rallying ourselves – to what’s all around us.

Maybe it’s US that ought to be giving on #GivingTuesday – by saying Thank You to all our donors who put their vote of confidence in us…who believe that our work can make a difference, and put their resources behind that belief.

#GivingTuesday is, above all, a call to community. A call for us to recognize and spur on the ties that bind; an acknowledgement that we’re all – philanthropists, nonprofits, constituents – in this together.

So why not take #GivingTuesday as a summons to thank, to strengthen, to celebrate this connection?

thankyou.jpgGather board members to make one thank-you gesture on behalf of the organization that day. (Or 5, in the 5 days leading up to #GivingTuesday.)

Ask board members to get on the phone, or write hand-written notes, to your top donors – or maybe, because hopefully those folks already get a lot of love from your organization, pick out 16 top upgrade prospects, if you have 16 board members, and assign those thank-you calls to the board.

(But remind board members these are solely THANK YOU calls, not subtle requests to give again. Nothing sours a thank you faster than being coupled with an additional ask.)

Staff can be part of this, too. There’s no reason staff can’t make donor thank you calls in solidarity with the board. Don’t limit this to development staff – it’s great to have program staff, even administrative personnel, get on the phone to tell donors how their gift is making a difference.

Finally, #GivingTuesday was formed as a way to bring forth the philanthropist, the community-minded, in all of us. This includes constituents – is there a way you can include them in your Thank-A-Thon as well?

#GivingTuesday…a day for Giving Thanks – and Giving Back.

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