#GivingTuesday – The Day After

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Like any special event, the day after #GivingTuesday is filled with “We Made It!” and “Thanks To You” emails zinging through the stratosphere.

And then…?

The Holiday season rushes in.

  • Volunteers who’d been recruited by other volunteers fade back into the woodwork, perhaps to be activated next year, perhaps to move on to the next ask-of-the-moment.
  • Campaign leaders sigh with satisfaction at a job well-done and gratefully drop the ball.
  • Board members turn their attention to office celebrations and family obligations.
  • Staff concentrate their firepower on end-of-year e-appeals.

And the momentum, enthusiasm and altruism engendered by #GivingTuesday gets lost in the shuffle.


These are real factors, working against continued loyalty as an inevitable consequence of #GivingTuesday’s mobilization.

We can’t just ignore these considerations: Keep on asking for volunteer commitments into late December and watch how fast an organization’s emails get ignored…deleted…tagged as spam.

But if we acknowledge, indeed use the time of year as an immediate follow-on – then we’re keeping the door open.

As in – inviting #GivingTuesday volunteers to the staff Holiday Party. After all, they worked for your organization, many pretty darned hard (for a day or two). Very few will come, more will intend to but won’t make it at the last minute, but all will appreciate the message they’re part of the team.

As in – sending a Holiday Thank You (right around the holidays, in addition to the missive sent on December 3), using a recipient of your services to say “Thanks to Your Efforts, I’m Having the Holiday of My Dreams…” (or something like that but a little less hokey).

As in – calling a mid-January “New Start” brainstorming session, promising hot mulled cider, and asking for suggestions on how to keep the momentum of “Volunteers for East Harlem Kids” going in the New Year.

A side note: With each of these, ask for just that one thing. Don’t announce a brainstorming meeting to formulate an ongoing group – many of these folks are first-time volunteers and might respond to one more request, but aren't ready to make a longer-lasting commitment.


Reel them in, acknowledging what’s going on in their lives and where they’re really at – and that’s when you start on the road to year-round benefits from #GivingTuesday.

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