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The annual appeal. A well-crafted letter. Gathering lists. Begging board members to write personal notes and get them in the mail now, rather than waiting “till they have time.”

The same old, same old.

This year, we have the chance to spice-up our year-end a little, create some buzz, do something a little different.

We have…#GivingTuesday.

But how can we integrate it into our year-end fundraising campaign without cannibalizing our annual appeal returns?


The answer is to think of #GivingTuesday itself as a kickoff – an excitement-filled starting line that’s connected with hundreds of other nonprofits around the globe. We’re all standing behind our starting blocks, making plans, preparing materials, lining up challenge grants – and on December 3rd we’ll unleash our ambassadors in a torrent of opening-day hoopla.

Designed for success, #GivingTuesday initiatives should empower board members and other ambassadors to discover their fundraising/friendraising prowess – making it easier to follow-up with standard annual appeal tools like letters and follow-up calls.b2ap3_thumbnail_givingtuesday-STD.jpg

#GivingTuesday is also organized much more around social media than a classic annual appeal – but that’s got to be part of any nonprofit’s fundraising arsenal these days. #GivingTuesday makes it easy for nonprofits to access that part of the communications universe, and in fact a #GivingTuesday campaign can really help younger board members without old-school philanthropic networks figure out how to make fundraising work for them in their worlds.

Finally, #GivingTuesday can connect board members with others who care about nonprofits around the world – sparking the “We’re all doing it” comfort in numbers. A lot of fundraising reluctance has to do with fear; #GivingTuesday gives fundraising-shy board members a bite-off-able chunk…a one-day commitment to plunge in alongside a team of like-minded others.

Motivator, kick-starter (in the pre-crowdsourcing sense of the word), organizing principle – #GivingTuesday can fill a lot of roles in tandem with a classic annual appeal-based year-end campaign.

Cause Effective is running a #GivingTuesday Idea-A-Thon! Share your #GivingTuesday plans with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and qualify for a chance to have your #GivingTuesday campaign highlighted on the home page of GivingTuesday.org!

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