Getting it Wrong

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I was sitting with a new executive director last week, making suggestions that wouldn’t work.

Which she found invaluable.

And not because she wanted an ego boost by hearing me make mistakes!

What she found so helpful was the process of thinking through what a donor might be interested in and how to figure that out.

Sure, I’d get it wrong.  I don’t know her organization all that well, and I sure as heck don’t know her donors all that well.  But I do know how to strategize about what’s in it for the donor, and what would give meaning to them in their affiliation with the organization.

As I explained to her, it’s like a puzzle, and we keep thinking about ways to put the pieces together till they unlock the relationship to get us to the next level.

Advice, intro gifts, door-opening, rolling up one’s sleeves – there’s lots of ways to move a prospect onto our team.  And that’s the key – being on the same side of the table in making the world a healthier, more creative, or more equitable place.

Once you’ve got that positioning, it’s just a matter of time (and playing your cards right).

So I laid down the wrong cards – and in so doing, taught her the rules of the game.
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