Finding The Love

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Working in the nonprofit sector is stressful – and even more so these days.

Providing programs is stressful – both creating and implementing the right programs, and matching the need for services to the money available to fill that need.

Managing finances is stressful – allocating funding across budget lines is never easy, and in times of scarcity it can become even more difficult.

Overseeing people is stressful – particularly when we don’t have the money to reward fine service appropriately.

Fundraising is certainly stressful – especially when the future of innovative programming rests on you.

And finally, looking ahead to maintain that strategic vision, is stressful nowadays – when the environment is throwing zingers our way at any random moment.

The counterweight?

Finding the love. 

b2ap3_thumbnail_finding-the-lvoe.jpgMost people working in the nonprofit sector – staff, board members, volunteers – got here because we were passionate about creating social good. We cared about a cause, a particular issue, or just being someone who was a giver, not a taker.

In difficult days like these, reconnecting to the love we have – for our clients, our constituents, our purpose – is what will feed our souls and give us the stamina to keep going.

There’s a lot of articles published about strategies for self-nurturing, and the importance of taking care of oneself to maintain one’s resilience for the long haul.

But remembering why we’re here in the first place – the love of children, justice, theater, whatever your particular piece of the pie – is the ultimate nourishing force.

Take that love out on a bad management day, on a day when you’re still at your desk at 7 pm and you’ve barely made a dent on your daily to-do’s – and let it warm you like a ray of sunshine through a grimy window.

Cherish that light. “I’m here, and I’m making a difference.”

That moment of remembrance of why this work matters, will keep us going.

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