Donor Relations in a Moving Economy

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I’ve been reflecting on all the uncertainty nowadays surrounding asking people for money in an economy that’s moving under our feet. 

For 6 months, we literally told people not to ask for a big gift.  Now, it’s not quite so clear cut.  But even short of a large ask, there are many ways to connect more deeply to those people who are likely to be your big supporters when the economy improves.

An article we wrote last fall about 2008 holiday giving – things to ask for when you can’t ask for gobs of cash – seems even more relevant now.

Some of that advice:

·      Offer the option of giving less right now, but giving over time
·      Make lists of items you need and ask supporters to donate (or purchase) them for your agency
·      Ask for time, for both general volunteering and for specific services
·      Turn donors into fundraisers on your behalf

Just the common tenets of fundraising, in uncommon times…
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