Union Settlement Association

Union Settlement kids

THE ORGANIZATION: A community mainstay since 1895, the Union Settlement Association fosters leadership and self-sufficiency in the predominantly immigrant community of East Harlem, helping more than 13,000 people annually build better lives for themselves and their families.

Union Settlement had seen demand for services grow significantly, and knew it needed to grow its base of private support to sustain expected cuts in public funding.  But “we didn’t have a pipeline of people who were giving or asking for the agency,” explains Union Settlement development director Sara Stuart.

OUR WORK:  Cause Effective worked closely with Union Settlement help prioritize individual donor development as a joint responsibility between staff and board members.

From polishing talking points to coaching board members to call their friends directly, “Cause Effective helped us to raise the bar on board fundraising,” describes Sara.  “Board members are turning out more, bringing people to events, and coming up with their own plans for how to introduce their contacts to the agency.  They are making phone calls to ask for support for our benefit – something very few had done before.”

THE RESULTS:  There was a dramatic gain in board-generated revenue for Union Settlement’s annual gala, which raised $425,000, with board fundraising increasing by 33% to help achieve that total.  Union Settlement’s private giving is also up 13% from last year, and the board is working much harder to ensure a diverse funding base.

“Everyone recognizes now that fundraising is the whole board’s responsibility,” observes Sara.

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