Board Development

Cause Effective consults on a range of board needs:  boards that simply need a brush-up on their fundraising skills; those that lack clarity on a range of governance responsibilities; and those with precipitously low participation levels.

We work on board member replacement and recruitment, and revitalizing current board member involvement.  Our governance/board development consultations don’t simply help board members understand what their responsibilities are, but also help the entire board to fulfill its role as part of a dynamic partnership with nonprofit staff leadership.

Our governance/board development consultations help nonprofits:

  • Build a board that serves as an asset to the executive director.
  • Motivate board members to solicit support as well as to give themselves.
  • Educate board members to understand their roles, and the skills needed to carry out the board’s key functions.
  • Develop a board structure consisting of the most effective committees for that organization at that point in time.
  • Run board and committee meetings to use people’s time effectively.
  • Recruit new board members who will take the board to the next level in fundraising and impact.
  • Place people in the right leadership positions who are knowledgeable about how to drive the organization forward .