Past Workshops

Overcoming Fundraising Complacency on Long-Standing Boards of Directors

Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York

Rekindle the spirit of fundraising among your board, including adding new fundraising enthusiasts and losing the fundraising-shy “old guard” without losing friends. Learn how to assess your board’s fundraising strengths and weaknesses, and dramatically shift its fundraising culture. Even if your board has gone years without embracing its fundraising duties, with the right strategies you can raise their sights and boost their abilities to enthusiastically turn friends and fans into year-round supporters.


Special Event - Fundraising Best Practices for New Executive Directors

The Foundation Center

Are you a new executive director who needs to hit the ground running to raise more money? This Cause Effective workshop at Foundation Center will help you apply the lessons of seasoned fundraisers from the get-go. Learn to build relationships with supporters, fix the mistakes of your predecessors, unearth friends in unexpected places, activate your board as allies, get staff to join in fundraising, and form an organization-wide culture of philanthropy.


Bringing the Tools of Gen X to Board Fundraising: What Board Members Need to Make Crowdfunding Wildly Successful

Mertz Gilmore Foundation

Come join staff from Cause Effective and the national nonprofit crowdfunding platform ioby to learn how crowdfunding can serve your nonprofit as a fundraising and community engagement tool. This workshop is tailored for an audience of board members, and will cover crowdfunding from a board perspective, including: How crowdfunding fits overall into the nonprofit development toolbox What crowdfunding can do for nonprofits Best practices in crowdfunding for nonprofits Examples of past nonprofit crowdfunding campaigns with varying levels of board involvement Techniques to mobilize board members to be involved in crowdfunding Strategies for establishing accountability for board participation Context in year-round and varied fundraising for board member involvement.


More than a Party: Milestone Anniversaries to Take Your Organization to the Next Level

The Foundation Center

Thinking about a big anniversary bash? Think even bigger than that. Why not celebrate and reap the benefits of your anniversary all year long? Anniversary campaigns can boost your organization’s infrastructure, visibility, and resources well beyond what can be achieved in a single night. Join Susan Gabriel of Cause Effective for a special seminar, and learn how to dramatically raise your profile, build your reputation, increase your number of dedicated supporters, and raise more money -- not just one night, but for years to come.


Your Board Members Can Raise Money: Empowering your Board Members to be Successful Askers 

Brooklyn Law School

How can we motivate our board members to increase donations? Greg Cohen will instruct participants on: how to set goals that stimulate and measure progress; how to sharpen your case for support; how to identify priority targets for personal attention; and who should be the aster.  You will learn how to make a face to face ask and will complete a practice ask. The workshop is co-sponsored by Citi Community Development and NPCC and open to all.