• “Our board is much more attuned to its role as fundraisers and ambassadors.

    — Center for Family Representation

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  • Cause Effective inspired people to realize the potential of fundraising and relationship-building.

    — Community Voices Heard

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  • We realized that we have a lot more access to resources and wealth than we imagined.

    — Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation

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  • Board members are turning out more and bringing people to events – we raised the bar on board fundraising.

    — Union Settlement Association

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How Can Cause Effective Help You?

We have helped thousands of nonprofits raise money, activate their boards, and get the greatest value from special events and anniversaries.  

Our primary services include:


Raise more money and develop the capability to do so years into the future.


Board Development

Build boards that are true leaders in all areas of board responsibility.


Special Events/Anniversaries

Design events that bring new resources and excitement to the organization.


From The Cause Effective Blog

The Research Swamp

I was at a meeting yesterday with some board members who’d committed to getting started in fundraising. They wanted to hire Cause Effective to help them develop a fundraising plan and coach them through their first steps. And then the big “R” question came up – will you do research for us?

Well sure we’ll do research – but that’s so far down the line at this point, that the question itself is a red herring…an avoidance mechanism. It’s like in baseball when someone breaks out to steal second in order to hide the fact that someone’s about to try to steal home. (You can tell it’s far along in the Little League season). It takes your eyes off the prize.